hair: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Ink skin: [KO […]


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SKIRT | PeqeRose for The Secret Affair

PAULDRONS | PFCThe guard for The Secret Affair

SLEEVES | StitchedTSA july for The Secret Affair

HEADPIECE | Miamai - The dreaming faun for The Secret Affair

MASK | Miamai - The Fairy Court for The Secret Affair

COLLAR | Random Matter - Lordis for The Secret Affair

HEANDBAND | Random Matter - Lordis for The Secret Affair

○  ○  ○  ○

HANDS | Slink


The Secret Affair ends July 29th

The Secret Affair – a wonderful event I discovered since my return to Second Life; and with only a two days left you definitely need to check it out, STAT.…


The Regatta

The Wild Things of Gacha have come out to play!   Come visit the lavish forest where birds fly above, animals walk beside you and … monsters…  friendly ones…  are around every corner. Cross any one of the three bridges to get … Continue reading



I’ve been meaning to get over to H220 for some time.  By now, everyone’s seen pictures of the flooded, rainy sim.  With the right windlight…its dark and ominous and waiting for a mystery to unfurl.  The House of Usher could … Continue reading



  hair: tram D523 hair skin: [theSkinnery] Chloe 1 […]


050 – The warrior and the witch

Just a few more days until The Secret Affair is over. Make sure you go there before you regret it!  Taxi to  to Secret Affair Warrior: Skin: New Faces – Lorna (group gift) Hair: Rosy mood – Soothe (gift at Hair fair 2014) Helmet: [The Forge] – Gorged (@ The Secret Affair) Collar: [The Forge] Chain Mail […]



“I’ll be wearing your favorite dress. …Come find me.” *** ♥♥♥ With the ever growing list of fashion events, I decided to drop an EVENTS link page on the blog.  It doesn’t cover all the fashion events in SL, rather the one’s I personally like the most.  It’s sorted into date order with taxi’s included.  Hope you […]


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Rose Europa Glam Affair New** @StrokeCubic Cherry Top Hat and Bowtie New** @A6D Purchasing the Hat you get an Hud to buy the Bowtie for half price at the mainstore.Cecily Dress Zibska New** @The Secret AffairVintage Bird 8f8 @Dreamers FactoryMeado…

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