Blogger Terms, Conditions and Requirements

All Secret Affair bloggers must abide by the following rules:

  • Bloggers will attribute credit¬† to designers by their full store name, not abbreviations for all items
  • Bloggers will have a minimum of 6 blog posts for each event
  • Bloggers will tag their post on their blog with “The Secret Affair” (more info on tags)
  • Bloggers will include the following in any related posts:
  • Bloggers’ posts will be syndicated on The Secret Affair Event website and any related social media outlets
  • The Secret Affair reserves the rights to change these terms
  • Applications received within 5 days of an event will not be reviewed till the next event

Please note we do not accept new bloggers starting 5 days prior to an event till the close of an event. We will store any applications submitted during this time and respond after the event closes.

If interested in blogging our events you can apply here.