I Won’t Lie

Been feeling a bit bleh lately, thus the recent flux of blog posts. However, this one features a hat from The Fantasy Collective and bracers from the Fantasy Gacha. I know, I know, so many stupid posts on the Gacha, well let me inform you on an interesting fact – I haven’t posted a damn thing regarding this Gacha. Also,


So here is outfit number two from The Men’s Depot. This time both authors of this blog decided to do it together, with some….sωΛɢ. Hope you enjoy. Watch This Space.. What Fabi is wearing: Cardigan: Jнonaтнan (StephenWeiss) -Etham MENS DEPARTMENT etham – Pierre Cardigan – Cream Necklace: 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke Eel) -Mandala Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Silver Shoes: Dave Freeman (davidefre) -JD

Darkness seeps.

||The last phase of recovery presented itself in the suspension of oneself within ones own mind. Day after day was the Red Witch becoming more of a solitary creature, with her loyalists and mighty word casting across the lands like a veiling storm. With dreams and visions reigning hell upon her subconscious self, the conscious

Introduced Species

So with being removed from Gor lately, I’ve gotten in touch with material that usually isn’t seen in Gor. We are about half way into this month’s edition of The Men’s Depot and I went on a shopping spree and bought everything there (pretty much). Check it out. Watch This Space.. What I am wearing: Skin: THESKINSHOP

Revelation fall.

|| Solace came in a series of forms, but mainly that of slumber. It was within the cocoon of blanket and one’s own mind that the Red Witch drifted towards the answers she sought. A blank slate awaited her one evening, where a variety of hues rained down from the skies. At her feet was