Vendor Terms, Conditions and Requirements

  •  The items you provide will be new creations; not designs that has been sold before.
  • Gacha prices will not exceed 75 Lindens per chance.
  • Designers are entitled to one gacha machine.
  • items in gacha machine must be no copy/transfer.
  • With your gacha items, please design something of excellence. The Rare and Ultra Rare  make spectacular!
  • Do not pass items to anyone other than official event bloggers or your noted bloggers for your business.
  • If your noted bloggers blog an item from the event, they must include event name, slurl and logo in post.
  • In order to successfully advertise this event, all designers will provide to the official event bloggers (no exemptions from this rule):
    • Your gacha items
    • Your event exclusive item
  • Please set permissions on blogger items to copy/no transfer.
  • Please provide item(s) to bloggers at least 5 days before the event opens through the official group notices.
  • We have many male fans. Please try to provide both male and female items.
  • The Gacha machine will be provided and shall be the way you pay your 2000L to participate.

Good-Luck with your designs!

If interested in being a vendor at our events you can apply here.

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